3.1 Locating information in the Abaqus HTML documentation

There are several useful techniques for locating information within a book in the HTML collection. The following topics are covered:

3.1.1 Expanding or collapsing the table of contents

Use the tools in the table of contents control frame to vary the level of detail displayed in the table of contents frame. Click the tool to expand several levels in the table of contents of an HTML book. Click the tool to collapse all expanded sections in the table of contents.

The tool expands the table of contents entries to a default level of expansion. Clicking the tool an additional time will have no effect. Individual sections can be expanded by clicking book icons as described in Using the table of contents frame, Section 3.2. However, if you collapse one or all of the entries, you can use the tool to reopen the closed sections to the default level of expansion.

Note:  The default level of expansion is not the same for each book. The default expansion levels were chosen to balance usefulness and performance based on the size and content of each book.

3.1.2 Browsing

Use the and arrows in the text frame to navigate sequentially to the previous and next HTML page. You can also use the Web browser functions to return to recently viewed pages.

3.1.3 Searching

Use the Search text field in the navigation frame to search for specific terms or phrases. You can conduct searches of the Abaqus HTML documentation from the book window or from the collection window. See Chapter 4, Searching the Abaqus HTML documentation,” for more information.